Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

CUB Hells Gate Steel Orchestra’s Resounding Success at Miami Carnival

By Aabigayle McIntosh


The CUB Hells Gate Steel Orchestra Steel Band is renowned for their enchanting rhythms and extraordinary live shows.

They left a lasting impression on Miami Carnival’s Panorama event and captivated the audience worldwide. The band has been a driving force in the Steel Band world since 1945, constantly pushing the boundaries and redefining the art form. With a legacy built on dedication, talent, and innovation, they have established themselves as one of the most influential Steel Bands worldwide.

During Miami Carnival’s Panorama, CUB Hells Gate Steel Orchestra delivered two mesmerizing performances.

Their first performance in the Carnival Village showcased their musicianship and energy. The band’s second performance at the Panorama Competition exceeded all expectations, captivating the audience with tunes from King Short Shirt, King Swallow, Queen Claudette Peters, the Burning Flames, and more.

Daryll Matthew, the Minister responsible for the Creative Industries, opened the presentation from Antigua and Barbuda and invited attendees, along with thousands of online viewers, to experience Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival, Antigua Carnival, in 2024.

The collaboration between the Antigua Barbuda Festivals Commission and Miami Carnival showcased the strength of Antigua and Barbuda’s cultural offerings to the international carnival community.

Miami Carnival is known for hosting one of the largest US Panorama competitions. However, CUB Hells Gate Steel Orchestra’s outstanding performance added immense value to the show, solidifying their position in the global Steel Band landscape.

Notably, representatives from prominent states within the United States expressed interest in featuring CUB Hells Gate Steel Orchestra in future events, highlighting the band’s growing international appeal.

Minister Matthew enthusiastically expressed, “This is a monumental moment for the Steel Band fraternity in Antigua and Barbuda. CUB Hells Gate Steel Orchestra stole the show and left an unforgettable impression. I am incredibly proud to be the Creative Industries Minister at this moment, witnessing the immense talent and passion of the talented young people of my 268, Antigua and Barbuda.”


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