Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

The Booby Alley site cleared and ready for use.

Late on Tuesday afternoon, a trailer towed away the final houses at Booby Alley in The Point, completely clearing the land space that had been earmarked for a Housing Development Project.

Only three houses remained in the area after moving the residents to temporary dwellings.

The Governments of Antigua and Barbuda and the People’s Republic of China have entered into a turn-key agreement to construct 150 two-bedroom units at Booby Alley.

However, construction has yet to begin one year after the agreement was signed on August 18, 2022.

The government is worried that the Chinese Government may withdraw its support due to the prolonged process of convincing some Booby Alley residents to accept temporary housing elsewhere.

In late September, the compulsory acquisition of a plot of land at Booby Alley was avoided after its occupants agreed with the government.

Senate Majority Leader, Samantha Marshall requested an amendment to the order paper under public business when the Upper House of Parliament convened to have the item listed as a ‘motion’ struck out.

Senator Marshall revealed that the government and siblings Dawn and Desiree Browne had agreed over the land, which is less than 0.05 acres.

The project planned for Booby Alley is called social housing, which will provide flexibility in how citizens and residents who occupy the area will become homeowners.


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