Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

OECS shows solidarity with Antigua & Guadeloupe after TS Phillippe

The Commission of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) expressed solidarity with Antigua and Barbuda as well as Guadeloupe in their efforts to recover from the destruction caused by Tropical Storm Phillippe.

The storm led to widespread flooding, power outages, and property damage, for which the Commission offers its sympathies to those affected.

The Commission is committed to providing support to Antigua and Barbuda and Guadeloupe as they begin the recovery process and strive for a speedy return to normalcy.

It will work alongside the respective governments and communities to overcome the challenges posed by this natural disaster.

Tropical Storm Philippe caused gusty winds and heavy rainfall, leading to flooding in low-lying areas and downed trees, ripped asphalt, and water pools on many roads, particularly in the southern part of the island.

Over 30 residents requested assistance due to the flooding, with some wading through their homes in the rising water.

The most devastating impact of the tropical storm was a fire that destroyed the Antigua Yacht Marina.

At the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, several businesses were destroyed by the fire in the midst of the storm, including Skullduggery’s Café, the Antigua Yacht Club Gym, Turtles Surf, the marina office, Axxess Marine, the Sea Breeze Café, Dockside Liquors and Supermarket, Cloggy’s restaurant, and BWA Yachting Ltd.

The destruction of these businesses just weeks before the tourism season reopens left business owners and employees in complete dismay.

Many of the business owners were visibly distraught and in shock, comforted by family, friends, and general well-wishers.


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