Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

E.P Chet Greene Tribute to Evangeline ‘Veda’ Joseph at Funeral

Your memory is my keepsake

With which I will never part

God now has you in his keeping

I have you in my heart


First, I extend condolences to the children and extended family circle and to the friends and members of our community who all share Comrade Veda’s loss.

I apologize for my unavoidable absence today and can almost hear her admonishing me to ‘gwarn go do the people an dem work….I am so proud of you.’

As a born Libertian, I have known Comrade Veda Joseph all my life. My first direct encounters came while I attended the Liberta Primary School and spent much time in GreenHill just across the street from her home with my cousin Trevor ‘Pumpum’ Charles. She was imposing in stature and had a voice no less so. I was literally afraid of her. This would change overtime as we shared common interest and her attributes served me well.

Comrade Veda, her stern look and unrepentant political stances was an absolute gem. Get to know her and you would agree that there was none, absolutely none sweeter.

I watched her morph from a rabid political activist to a senior citizen willing to share her life’s experiences with younger generations and assuming the role of community matriarch. Veda was a darling.

No one alive or dead had a better sense of humor and she understood time and occasion better than most.

From making jokes about herself to recounting her struggles raising her children or reflecting on the early days of the ATLU and the leadership credentials of the late Father of the Nation and Ernest Williams, Veda was absolutely clear in her message. She was a treasure trove of information and knowledge. I am the better for our many engagements.

My team and I celebrated her birthday every year and when we thought that cakes with the sugar content was inappropriate, Comrade Veda demanded that I include a cake in her birthday package.

Veda: Ah wha you a call me name fa

Me: Just come look fu you….

Veda: Me no lost

Me: How you do? You look good…

Veda: Me always look good. Me nar look man

Then almost seamlessly she would break out into inquiries about PM Browne and the runnings of government, my mother, family and her updates, even though homebound on the happenings around the village.

I will miss her; even wish I could hear her banter ‘no call me name.’ After 104 years I can only say thank God and pray that her soul finds peace and rest in the bosom of her Maker, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

As I did in life, I recommit in death to represent our community, country and people, always. Thanks for your love and for your lessons and support

Her funeral service was held at the Gracehill Moravian Church in Liberta and buried at the Moravian church cemetery in Green hill, Liberta


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