Editorial Staff
5 months ago

Editorial Staff
5 months ago

A&B failed to secure spot at CTO’s Regional Youth Tourism Congress.

Tourism Minister Charles Fernandez with Tourism Youth Ambassador Maliah Stuart and her mother

The 19th Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) Regional Tourism Youth Congress in Turks & Caicos saw Naomi Onwufuju from the British Virgin Islands win the top prize.

Competing with 13 other Caribbean destinations, the 16-year-old presented three innovative strategies for developing and implementing an initiative enabling tourism stakeholders and their partners to work together to enhance access, safety, use, and enjoyment of the destination’s tourism offerings by visitors with disabilities.

Jordan Greig from Barbados was the second-place winner, while Jael Morgan from Tobago received the third-place award.

Unfortunately, Maliah Stuart from Antigua and Barbuda did not secure a spot this year’s event.


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