Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Barbudans now able to pay their taxes effortlessly.

​The IRD has partnered with the Barbuda Council to simplify the process of remitting Antigua Barbuda Sales Tax payments for residents on the island.

Previously, individuals would have to travel to mainland Antigua to make these payments. Deputy Commissioner of the IRD, Jermaine Jarvis, has stated that this partnership will make the process seamless, with ABST payments due at the end of November.

Those offering short-term accommodations in Barbuda should be registered for ABST and remit payments to the Barbuda Council.

The amounts collected will cover a portion of the subventions paid to the council by the government.

This partnership is an excellent step towards making the tax payment process more accessible and convenient for Barbudans.

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  1. Mae

    With all the advanced technology and university and college graduates, now this process is being implemented in Barbuda. When will the government open their eyes and realize that we are in the twenty-first century and we need to do better in day-to-day operational functions? We operate like we are still in the 1990’s. For some government departments, it felt like we were still operating in the 1980s.


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