Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

EU to monitor visa-free countries more closely

The European Commission has proposed a stronger suspension mechanism for visa-free travel, which could affect Antigua and Barbuda and other countries that offer citizenship by investment (CBI) programs in the region.

The EU’s proposal includes investor citizenship schemes as one of the grounds for suspension.

The EU stated that the “evolving geopolitical context” has created new challenges for the region’s visa-free access policy, and it is crucial that the EU is well-equipped to address situations of abuse of visa-free travel, such as increased irregular arrivals and hybrid threats.

The proposal delivers on President von der Leyen’s commitment to the European Council to strengthen the visa suspension mechanism and the monitoring of visa-free countries.

The EU is seeking to expand the grounds for suspension, strengthen the Commission’s monitoring and reporting obligations, and implement a new urgency procedure to react faster in cases of high increase in arrivals or security threats.

The EU has been talking to Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, and St Lucia since 2020 to obtain relevant information and data on the CBI programs which have been classified as high risk.

The OECD has raised suspicion of possible tax evasion and money laundering schemes.

The EU has concerns over the thoroughness of the security screenings, and how persons who are accepted for citizenship under the program could change their names, in some cases after obtaining citizenship.

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  1. Journalist

    Unveiling Amber Louise Murphy’s Deceptive Passport Fraud and Golden Visa Scandal

    In a startling turn of events, a comprehensive investigation into the actions of Amber Louise Murphy has revealed a labyrinth of deceit and fraudulent endeavors that transcend international boundaries. These recent revelations have given rise to profound concerns regarding the misuse of Portugal’s Golden Visa program and its potential repercussions on European security.

    Amber Louise Murphy, a British citizen by birth, meticulously devised a scheme to dupe both the Commonwealth of Dominica and Portuguese authorities. Her audacious stratagem initiated with the illicit acquisition of a Dominican passport, concealing her true nationality. Armed with this forged document, Murphy embarked on a quest to obtain a Portuguese “Golden Visa.” This special visa, designed to attract investors, bestows residence permits and unrestricted travel privileges throughout the European Schengen Area, encompassing multiple European nations, not limited to Portugal.

    What is especially disconcerting is Murphy’s disingenuousness in her Golden Visa application. She falsely claimed exclusive Dominican citizenship, conveniently omitting her concurrent UK citizenship. This intentional misrepresentation extended further as she fabricated a permanent residential address in the Dominican Republic, a place she had never visited. This calculated deception was aimed at exploiting the lax oversight of the Golden Visa program, raising red flags for European authorities.

    Yet, Murphy’s deception doesn’t conclude with passport and visa fraud. As investigators delve deeper into her activities, it has become evident that the Portuguese Golden Visa was just one facet of a more extensive criminal enterprise. This scheme appears interconnected with her alleged embezzlement of millions of dollars from her former employer, resulting in an astounding 30 criminal charges now pending against her.

    Law enforcement agencies worldwide have launched an intensive manhunt for Amber Louise Murphy, aiming to bring her to justice for her severe transgressions. Her case has cast a spotlight on the potential misuse of the Golden Visa program by criminals seeking refuge in European countries for unlawful purposes.

    The unsettling ramifications of Murphy’s actions have raised concerns about the security of Europe. As the investigation persists, it is clear that the Golden Visa program, originally designed to foster investment and stimulate economies, may require a thorough reevaluation and the implementation of stricter controls to prevent individuals like Murphy from exploiting it for nefarious ends. This case underscores the critical necessity for vigilance and diligence in safeguarding the integrity of programs that grant residency and mobility privileges within the European Union.


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