Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

ABEC gears up for Hurricane Tammy ahead of By-Election

By Zaya Williams

The Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission (ABEC) is taking no chances with the imminent arrival of Hurricane Tammy. With the St. Mary’s South by-election just days away, the ABEC team is putting together a comprehensive contingency plan to prepare for any possible disruption.

Supervisor of Elections Ian Hughes confirmed with Observer that the ABEC team will conduct assessments after the hurricane to determine the condition of polling centers and ensure that the staff is ready to perform their duties.

They are also making provisions for backup power solutions in recognition of potential power outages due to the hurricane.

Furthermore, Hughes highlighted the possibility of postponing the election under certain circumstances.

According to section 31 of the Representation of the People Act of 2001, the Governor-General, after consultation with the Commission, may decide to postpone the election if it is deemed expedient to do so.

This could be due to the instituting of a state of emergency, delays in electoral registers, or shortages of essential electoral supplies.

The upcoming by-election, scheduled for October 24, will feature former MP Kelvin Simon of the United Progressive Party going head-to-head with Dwayne George of the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party and Andrew Antonio from the Democratic National Alliance.


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