Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

APUA Prepares for Hurricane Tammy

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) says they are well-prepared for Hurricane Tammy.

The APUA Electricity Business Unit says it has conducted frequent line maintenance and Utility Vegetation Management throughout the year. In the event of infrastructural damages, an adequate stock of restoration supplies is available in storage.

The APUA Water Business Unit is filling storage tanks to ensure potable water is available for distribution post-storm.

However, the desalination plants may be taken offline due to the effects of sea swells and to minimize the probability of the presence of moisture in the high-voltage electrical panels for up to 48 hours following a storm.

This, according to APUA is to avoid irreversible damage to the equipment.

The APUA Telecommunications Business Unit is finalizing the process of securing network cables and refueling generators at cell sites in case of possible power loss. Customers are encouraged to unplug sensitive devices such as modems and PABX equipment.

Customers should adhere to the following safety procedures before, during, and after a storm:

– Ensure that a qualified electrician correctly installs a transfer switch to isolate your generator from APUA power.

– Place your generator in a well-ventilated area.

– Do not interfere with electrical wires; always treat downed power lines as energized and dangerous.

– Do not remove and/or severe downed telephone lines.

– Switch off and unplug sensitive electronic appliances such as televisions, modems, cable boxes, microwave ovens, and computers.

– If low voltage is being experienced, please turn off the main switch to your home.

– Charge your mobile devices and power banks.

– Keep a battery-operated AM/FM radio for updates throughout and after the storm.

– Ensure that enough potable water is stored to sustain a household for at least 7 days.

The APUA remains committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, the general public of Antigua and Barbuda, and equipment. During a storm, the electricity network will be closely monitored. \

Depending on the severity of the storm and/or loss of extensive load, we may be forced to completely close the entire network to protect lives and equipment.

APUA encourages the general public to adhere to guidelines from the National Office of Disaster Services and the Meteorological Office as we experience these adverse weather conditions.

They are also encouraging customers to connect to our social media platforms for further updates. During an active storm, crews are not dispatched to address electricity faults and outages until it is safe to do so. Specific timelines will not be available until restoration for impacted areas have commenced.

After the storm, the Restoration Plan will be immediately implemented upon the advice of the Met Office.

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  1. Mae

    Praying for the staff of the Electricity Business Unit of APUA’s safety as they prepare and restore electricity to every residential home and commercial business throughout Antigua and Barbuda after the passing of Hurricane Tammy. I pray God with us as we ride out the storm.


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