Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Anticipation Builds as Multiple Primary and Secondary Schools Gear Up for Independence Schools Panorama

By Aabigayle McIntosh


In what is set to be a highly awaited event on the national calendar of independence celebrations, several primary and secondary schools are ready to participate in the upcoming Independence Schools Panorama.

The contest is scheduled to take place on Monday, October 30th at the Antigua Recreation Grounds (ARG).

The competition is set to showcase representatives from six primary schools and five secondary institutions, encompassing the entirety of the island.

The primary schools competing for top honors include Greenbay Primary School, T.N. Kirnon, Nelvie N. Gore, Sunnyside Tutorial, and the defending champions, Piggott’s Primary. Among the secondary schools vying for supremacy are the Antigua Grammar School, Ottos Comprehensive, St Anthony’s Secondary, and the reigning champions, Princess Margaret Secondary.

Jerry Aska, the event’s chairperson, expressed his enthusiasm and underlined the remarkable level of interest generated for this year’s competition.

“It is building I really thank the schools that are participating the students, the teachers, the arrangers, and every stakeholder who has participated we want to say thank you,” Aska said.

He also explains that the students, too are overjoyed about the night of the competition.

“Because of the situation with the senior panorama competition this year with the reduced numbers a few of the participants did not get to participate, so now they are really excited to get involved so we are seeing that right now,” Aska said.

The competition will attract an entrance fee of $10.


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