Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Government wants the Chinese agricultural project expanded

The Antigua and Barbuda government has requested the top officials of the Long Ping Agricultural Project to expand the programme over the short to medium term.

The managing director and executive director of the company met with Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Foreign Affairs and Agriculture Minister, E.P Chet Greene to assess the progress of the project so far and to determine the directions that the programme should take in terms of local interactions, and achieving the country’s goals of greater food security.

According to Chief Extension Officer, Owalabi Elabanjo, both PM Browne and Minister Greene gave positive reviews of the programme and provided suggestions/recommendations to the Long Ping officials on how to achieve their desired outcomes.

They expressed their interest in seeing more broccoli and cauliflower production from the project and more local farmers trained by the Chinese farmers in utilizing their technologies and seeds for production.

The government is quite keen on seeing more local production, and it is hopeful that through collaboration between the Long Ping Agricultural Project and local farmers,

Antigua and Barbuda would take a big leap to achieving the goals of food security.

The Long Ping Agricultural Project is a joint agreement between the Antigua and Barbuda government and the People’s Republic of China, with each phase lasting for a total of three years.


  1. Teacher for Life

    I’m curious to know what the phases are, how many there are, and what happens at the end of the program. Does the land revert to Antiguans or does it remain with the Chinese?

  2. Anonymous National

    What is he getting from China to give away the country of Antigua to these folks


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