Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Teenage boy left behind as couple flee during home invasion

As Hurricane Tammy made its way towards Antigua and Barbuda, a group of robbers decided to add insult to injury for a family in Cedar Grove.

In the dead of the night, two masked men broke into their home like it was a scene from an action movie.

They shattered a decorative glass door (who knew that was even possible?), fired a couple of rounds and made off with 480 bucks and the man’s car keys.

The family managed to escape but had to leave their teenage son behind.

The robbers were so kind as to abandon the man’s car in the All Saints area – ransacked but otherwise intact.

It’s a good thing the hurricane didn’t hit them, or they would have had to deal with flying debris as well as these robbers.


  1. Sylvie

    They had to leave their son behind?
    This is hard to swallow.

    • Mae

      I know a mother would never leave her child behind that easy.


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