Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

UPP’s Kelvin Shugy Simon Reclaims St Mary’s South Seat

Kelvin Shugy Simon, representing the United Progressive Party, has regained his seat in the St. Mary’s South constituency after receiving 1060 votes.

His opponents, Dwayne George from the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, received 891 votes, and Andrew Antonio from the Democratic National Alliance, only 8 votes.

The by-election in St. Mary’s South was fiercely contested.

It was triggered after Simon resigned from parliament due to accusations of being a public servant when he was nominated in December 2022, which made his nomination illegal.

In the General Election held on January 18th, Simon defeated Samantha Marshall of the ABLP by a margin of 299 votes.

Simon expressed his gratitude to the residents of St. Mary’s South and promised to continue serving them.

“I feel vindicated. The people were behind me… the people were behind me. I am happy. I am vindicated. It is just a good feeling,” Simon told reporters after the results.


  1. Teacher for Life

    Whoop! Whoop! Congratulations! Now go make some positive changes in your community.

    • Esther Weekes

      Congratulations 💯
      Shugy Simon

  2. Mae

    A win for Shuggy is a rejection of Gaston! Congratulations to Honourable Kelvin Shugy Simon. The voice of God has spoken again. Those people in Urlings who voted for Shugy on January 18, now voted for Dwayne in the by-election are a Judas, and don’t want anything good for Antigua and St Mary’s South but $500 for 5 years, $0.27 per day.

    • Anonymous

      You nailed it! Congrats to Shuggy.

  3. Believer

    Mr Simon hailed the people of St Mary’s South as the MVP of the South. Pure humility . . CONGRATULATIONS. Mr Kelvin Simon. Member of Parliament for St Marys South


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