Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

ABBA saddened by death of former national player

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The Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association and the entire basketball community are deeply saddened by the passing of Wayne ‘Doc’ Harris, a former national player, and a great mentor to many prominent basketball players in the region.

His untimely death comes as a shock to the community, still grappling with the loss of Tekel Gomes.

Harris was not only an exceptional player who paved the way for many, but also a selfless individual who always gave back to the sport he loved.

Before his passing, he served as a Physical Education teacher and sports coach, shaping the lives of countless young athletes.

As a player, Harris had a remarkable career, leading teams like Heads and the Bulldogs for many years. His contribution to the sport was recognized when the ABBA Division One Most Valuable Player award was renamed in his honor several years ago.

Even after retiring from competition, Harris continued to fuel his passion for basketball through his work as a coach within the Ministry of Sports, where he touched and shaped the lives of many athletes.

His legacy will live on, and his impact on the basketball community will never be forgotten.


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