Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

BREAKING: PM Browne Revokes Appointment of Dean Jonas

Dean Jonas

Dean Jonas, who was appointed as Advisor to the Minister with Responsibility for the Blue Economy, had his appointment revoked by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Jonas was reportedly informed by a letter dated October 31st, 2023. The revocation took effect on the same day

According to sources, despite being warned to follow specific directions and policies, Jonas often exceeded his authority within the Ministry, leading to numerous complaints regarding his performance.

This resulted in the unanimous decision by the cabinet this week to revoke his appointment.

Jonas lost the previous general elections to the United Progressive Party’s Algernon Watts and was not given a ministry or appointed a senator.

Over the weekend, Prime Minister Gaston Browne shared his concerns about the impact that the poor performance of candidates could have on his legacy as a leader.

He has been vocal about the insufficient campaigning done by some of his party’s losing candidates, including Dean Jonas, Colin James, Michael Browne, and Lennox Weston

Browne also confirmed that they will not be in the running for the next election.

PM Browne has emphasized the importance of introducing fresh faces to the electorate, as the party is currently undergoing a season of rejuvenation.

And in a media post one day later, Dean Jonas wrote: The donkey leader has no right to lead after the kick he got from someone like shugy!! The donkey leader lost to Shugy even though he had everything in his favor.

How can the donkey leader let shugy beat him when he had all the money, state power, and state resources?

“I am sorry, but he is not worth his salt”!!! How can the donkey leader stay in his position when he has failed so miserably? He should do the right thing and stand down.


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