Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

PCCU Ltd Wins Rising Star Award

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Office Manager Shenette James

The People’s Cooperative Credit Union Ltd has just been awarded the prestigious “Rising Star” Award by the Antigua and Barbuda Cooperative League Ltd.

This is a huge achievement for the PCCU, which only opened its doors in September of 2021.

It’s amazing to think that in just a few short years, a group of dedicated Antiguans were able to come together and make such a significant impact on the lives of residents.

Office Manager Shenette James is absolutely thrilled that their efforts have caught the attention of others.

“We are humbled, excited and so proud of this achievement. We never expected it, but we are grateful beyond words,” she exclaimed.

The PCCU is now working on some marketing strategies to ensure that they continue to grow and serve the community even better.

​”We want everyone to know that savings matter, the community matters, and people matter. That’s why we’re here,” said James.

What’s more, the PCCU doesn’t just offer savings and loans. They also provide expert financial advice to those who need help managing their finances. How amazing is that?

Let’s give a huge round of applause to the PCCU for this well-deserved recognition; 200 plus members strong and growing.


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