Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

VIDEO: Baby being dropped in fight between women

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Trigger warning: This article and video contain information of a sensitive nature, including the apparent abuse of a child.

The contents of this article and video could be upsetting or trigger negative memories.

Jamaican authorities and residents alike are angry at a woman who abused her baby during a fight with another woman a few days ago.

The video, about thirty seconds, shows both women fighting, while the mother uses her baby to ward off the blows being thrown at her Moments after she was seen throwing the baby on the pavement, then picking the child up like a dog

Some onlookers appeared to cheer on the combatants while others made what appeared to be feeble attempts to separate them.

Authorities say prisons in Jamaica are full so the woman may receive community service.

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  1. Jezeble

    Coming soon to Antigua, at a village near you!!! When we welcome people into our communities, they come with all their ‘baggage.’ These are the very same Jamaicans that are migrating to Antigua! Our prison will be full to overflowing very soon. You know, the funny thing about my people, is that we’re like sponges! We soak up everything! We too are emulating the Jamaican lifestyle! The future looks pretty dismal from where I’m standing!🤷

    • Mae

      It’s so true. Majority of the Jamaican culture and lifestyle have been dominated throughout Antigua that most of the younger Antiguans don’t know their true identity. I have seen similar in the NY and Miami where a large amount of Jamaicans immigrated too. I don’t have problems with people migrating for a better life, but please leave your culture and bad behavior behind.


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