Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago


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Press Statement


LIAT wishes to advise that due to unscheduled maintenance issues, there will be a disruption to its regular flight schedule.

The issues have caused LIAT to suspend its current schedule as it works to resolve the problems and put its aircraft back on schedule.

However, due to logistical and supply chain issues, the airline does not have a concrete deadline for the return to its regular schedule. Therefore, several flights in the coming weeks have been cancelled.

LIAT acknowledges that this disruption will cause a major inconvenience to its customers at this time. However, the safety of our passengers, crew and ground staff are of the utmost importance.

LIAT is currently exploring all available options to assist passengers at this time. Our Reservations Call Centre is currently contacting affected passengers to assist with their travel needs. The airline is also working diligently to expedite the maintenance process so the airline can resume its regular schedule which is essential to connectivity in the region.

Passengers are asked to monitor their e-mails and LIAT’s social media platforms for updates. Due to the high volume of calls, we ask that passengers await their contact calls or contact the airline via email at Reservations@liat.com .

LIAT sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience caused by this schedule disruption and looks forward to resuming service soon.


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