Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

No date when lone grounded LIAT aircraft will fly again

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​The lone LIAT aircraft, which has formed the backbone of the LIAT operation these past weeks, has reached its maximum flying hours.

Lionel Hurst, the Government’s Chief of Staff, says until the maintenance is complete, the service offered by LIAT is suspended.

“Every engine on every aircraft, after having flown for many hours as has been logged, must be changed, and this is in the case of the LIAT ATRs. The one aircraft that LIAT has been using reached its maximum flying hours and its engines had to be changed. These engines are very expensive

Hurst said in some cases, these are sent back to the manufacturers for overhaul, “and the new engines are placed on the aircraft just to ensure the great safety record which LIAT can boast of since its founding in 1956”

He could not say when the aircraft will return to the skies

“Maintenance is indeed the challenge in this case, and the single aircraft will be put back in the air, but I cannot say precisely when that will be,” he explained


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