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Editorial Staff

The Beat Goes On: DNA Rocked by Another Walk-Out

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Andrew Antonio

The Democratic National Alliance is struggling to retain its members as several of them keep leaving the minority political party.

Andrew Antonio is the latest member to resign from the party, following a string of resignations over the past few weeks.

In a letter dated November 9, Antonio explained that his decision to leave was a difficult one but he firmly believes it was the right thing to do at this point in time. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work alongside the remarkable individuals within the organization and contribute to their shared mission.

Antonio also appreciated the unwavering support and remarkable collaboration he experienced during his tenure.

 He added that the invaluable experience he gained has been eye-opening and he is immensely appreciative of it. He hopes to reflect on the lessons learned here and carry them with him into future undertakings.

Antonio is one of seven members who have left the DNA, headed by Joanne Massiah.

The others include Chaneil Imhoff, Avoy Knight, Bruce Goodwin, Malaka Parker, Kelton Dalso, and Gatesworth James.


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