Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Two Managers at State Insurance fired.

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Two high-ranking managers at State Insurance, Accountant Andre Knight and Life Manager Janice Hodge, have reportedly been fired due to the regulators’ lack of confidence in the accuracy of their accounting statements.

The managers were also accused of providing misleading financial reports, leading to their termination.

Government-managed corporations have seen a string of resignations recently.

For instance, the General Manager of APUA, Esworth, recently went on pre-retirement leave following what the government said was his poor handling of the water situation in the country.

Similarly, the Chief Executive Officer of the Port, Euletta Francis, resigned, citing a lack of respect from Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Over the weekend, the prime minister announced that non-performing workers, especially those in managerial positions, would be sent home.


  1. Meade

    Some of the Top Dog appointees are not performing in the positions he assigned them, so he is cleaning out house. Who will be next on his long list??
    Gaston speak with this aggressive, arrogant, bullying and controlling voice. Waving his finger next to his thumb tells it all. Be aware citizens and residents, a dictator and hitler we have as a leader of our government.

  2. Public

    Listen, I totally agree with the prime minister Hon. Gaston Browne. We have too many people in high places just not performing and needs to go home. It’s high time for managers to be managers and not sorry for the week and none productive workers. PWD also needs cleaning. We have a country to build a country to mold, raise the standards Mr. PM Browne no more BS enough is enough. Peace


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