Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Editorial Staff
4 months ago

Prime Minister Browne discusses Antigua and Barbuda water issues and investment in Saudi Arabia

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On Thursday, Prime Minister Gaston Browne kicked off a series of bilateral meetings with government officials and companies from Saudi Arabia, to tackle a number of pressing issues being faced by the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda.

The first of these meetings was held with ACWA Power, a Saudi Arabian company that specializes in the production of desalinated water, as Browne seeks to find new solutions to the chronic water production and distribution problems that have plagued the country for decades.

During this meeting, the country’s leader discussed the possibility of securing funding for the construction of a reverse osmosis plant, as well as a re-piping programme for Antigua and Barbuda.

This move comes after the Gaston Browne administration has already invested over 200 million dollars in the construction of reverse osmosis plants and re-piping programmes, since coming into office in 2014, to try and alleviate the water crisis.

In addition to this, Prime Minister Browne is also expected to hold further bilateral meetings, including discussions with the Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company regarding the construction of additional petroleum storage, and talks with the Saudi Investment Fund regarding infrastructural development.

He also mentioned that his government is looking to capitalize on the proposed 1-billion-dollar investment fund from Saudi Arabia, which could potentially be used to construct a hotel at Willoughby Bay.

Prime Minister Browne and the Antigua and Barbuda delegation will continue their bilateral engagements on Friday, including discussions with Prime Minister and Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, as they work towards finding long-lasting solutions to the country’s ongoing challenges.


  1. Joanne

    Hotel again, so why not invest in manufacturing? Why not improving the seven RO plants we already have on island instead of constructing a new desalination plant? Antigua has a lot of water runoff areas during the rainy season, so why not investing in Potworks Reservoir Dam, and other small dams on the island. Invest in some water storage tanks to install in the different villages or communities.
    We the taxpayers of Antigua and Barbuda need to know how much money this Donkey leader government has borrowed in the name of investment and paying salaries during his tenure as the Prime Minister!! What has the CIP money done to improve Antigua and Barbuda economy and the livelihood of the people??

    • Anonymous

      Nothing nothing nothing


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