Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Yachting showcase opens as the new sailing season begins

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Thursday, the Antigua and Barbuda Yachting and Marine Association (ABYMA) organized an industry exhibition at English Harbour that drew a lot of attention from students and the public.

The primary objective of this two-day event is to educate the public, particularly school-leavers, about the abundant opportunities available in the yacht marina industry.

The exhibition featured several booths showcasing businesses related to the sector and how they work together to make the industry one of the best in the region.

Governor General, Sir Rodney Williams, and Minister of Trade, Chet Greene, both of whom have shown keen interest in the industry over the years, attended the event. Alison Sly-Adams, ABYMA Chair, expressed her delight at their support.

Many companies, including A&F Sails, Budget Marine, and Anchor Concierge and Super Yacht Services, participated in the exhibition to inform people about the services and products they offer.

The National Sailing Academy also made a passionate call for schools to join its free sailing lessons. Antigua is home to some of the best sailmakers, boat builders, riggers, and varnishers in the industry, according to Sly-Adams.

The exhibition showcased the diversity of the yacht industry and how businesses work together to create highly demanded products and services that can all be found on the little island of Antigua and Barbuda.


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