Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Senator Rawdon Turner’s Unwavering Commitment to St. Peter’s Community Shines Through

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Senator Rawdon Turner remains an unyielding force in attending to the concerns of the people of St. Peter, despite the apparent political inactivity.

While other candidates from the General Election seem to be absent, Senator Turner continues to demonstrate his commitment to the constituency.

Senator Turner, who is also the ABLP Caretaker for St. Peter, initiated a mobilization effort today, which marks a significant move. Trucks, backhoes, Rollers, and graders were sent to Paynters and Gunthropes to tackle urgent road and drainage issues that have been affecting the community.

The mobilization is a clear indication of Senator Turner’s hands-on approach and dedication to actively resolving the challenges faced by the residents.

The initiative addresses immediate concerns and emphasizes the senator’s proactive stance in making lasting improvements for the community.

Residents of Paynters and Gunthropes can expect relief as the mobilized resources work diligently to improve the local infrastructure. Senator Turner reaffirms his commitment to prioritizing the needs of the people, demonstrating that actions speak louder than words.

In a statement, Senator Turner stated, “Our community deserves concrete solutions, and I am privileged to lead initiatives that directly affect the lives of those I represent. We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure a brighter and more sustainable future for St. Peter.”

Senator Turner’s proactive approach to addressing critical issues sets a praiseworthy standard for political leadership as the community eagerly anticipates the positive transformations that will result from such a dedicated and hands-on individual.


  1. Man on the sea

    Give me a fuxking break , people paying tax to take care of things like that , what government doing with people tax money, and idiot like turner coming like if they’re the savior.

    • Joanne

      Turner is pure dunce like his party leader. Does Turner knows that’s the job of Public Works to fix all the roads and drainage in Antigua and Barbuda with taxpayers dollars? I hope the people in that constituency are not fooled by Turner statements.


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