Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Germany donates equipment to Immigration Department

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The German government has recently come to the aid of the Department of Immigration (DOI) by providing them with advanced equipment to detect fraudulent documents, particularly those related to Schengen visas, which grant holders entry into 27 European countries.

The contribution includes 50 special lights, which are designed to magnify and highlight documents, making it easier for the department to determine their authenticity.

Chief Immigration Officer, Katrina Yearwood expressed her gratitude towards the German government, stating that the equipment will greatly assist the DOI in keeping up with the latest trends in fraudulent document construction.

She further explained that the sophistication of fake documents is on the rise, and that without proper equipment and training, it can be challenging for her officers to detect these forgeries at ports of entry.

According to Yearwood, the new trend in fraudulent document construction is so seamless that it often includes security features, making it difficult to detect without proper equipment and training.

She emphasized that the fifty magnifying glasses will aid officers in detecting fraudulent documents such as passports, visas, and Schengen visas, which have become a growing concern in the Caribbean region.

Meanwhile, Resident German Counsel in St. John’s, Torzten Stenzel, has revealed that the German Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago issues visas that allow entry into 26 other countries, and it is essential to ensure that the visas presented at border control are genuine.

He explained that the fifty magnifying glasses will make it easier for officers to identify fraudulent documents and distinguish them from genuine ones.

The handover of the equipment was conducted by Colonel Stephan Kaldasch of the German Federal Police, who also provided training for DOI officers on how to use the equipment effectively.

The donation from the German government is a significant contribution towards enhancing the DOI’s capabilities and ensuring the safety and security of the country’s borders.


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