Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Martinique: Foreign nationals detained for running pimping ring

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Several foreign nationals have been charged with aggravated pimping and aiding individuals to remain in Martinique illegally, according to French authorities.

Pimping involves controlling prostitutes and arranging clients for them while taking a part of their earnings in return.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that the arrested individuals include citizens from St Lucia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and France.

The authorities have been conducting an investigation into the pimping ring since March, and the accused also face charges of money laundering and violating drug laws. Five of the six individuals charged have been placed in pretrial detention.

“It appeared that individuals were bringing in young women from Dominica and Haiti to exploit their prostitution and make substantial profits estimated at 680,000 euros,” according to the statement issued by the office of the Public Prosecutor.


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