Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Tree planting initiative launched at Glanville Polyclinic

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The Glanville Polyclinic in the St. Phillip area of the country is being beautified thanks to a new initiative launched by community activist Randy Baltimore.

Baltimore, who has previously donated electric fans and educational materials to local schools, has now turned his attention to the polyclinic, which also serves as a community center.

To kick off the initiative, Baltimore organized a tree-planting event with the help of notable individuals from the area, including Parliamentary Representative Sir Robin Yearwood, former Ombudsman Sir Hayden Thomas, former netball scorer and coach Karen Joseph, and students from several local schools.

In attendance were also nurses from Glanville Polyclinic.

Baltimore sees this event as a way to help the area and contribute to the national effort to combat climate change.


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