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3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Antiguan teenager attempts to break world record by sailing.

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Carrack Jones has embarked on a remarkable journey in his quest to break a world record by sailing from Antigua to St Maarten, covering a distance of 100 nautical miles.

His aim is to set a new record for the longest distance sailed in an Optimist boat, a small and single-handed dinghy, only slightly larger than an average bathtub, measuring just over 7 feet long.

Due to a lack of wind, he had to delay the launch which was originally scheduled for Tuesday.

Despite the challenge ahead, the fourteen-year-old was surrounded by his friends, family, and well-wishers who cheered him on as he set sail on his optimist.

Jones, who has been sailing since the age of seven, exuded confidence and even joked about the adventure with those present.

The journey, estimated to last between 20 to 24 hours, will make him lose track of time as he decided to not carry a watch with him. He will have to sail through the night, relying only on the light on his boat to break the cover of darkness.

Three support vessels will accompany him to ensure his safety, but they cannot provide any advice or communication that may compromise his attempt to break the world record.

A tracker has been placed on his boat, which will enable his family and team to get real-time updates of his journey.

The most challenging part of the journey will be staying awake for more than 20 hours, which he plans to achieve by consuming sugary foods and water to keep him on course.

Jones was inspired to undertake this challenge after a young girl from St Barts completed a similar journey a year before.

The world record will be verified by the yacht clubs on both ends. Jones is experienced in competitive sailing, having participated in various events such as Antigua Sailing Week, the Classic Yacht Regatta, and the Optimist World Championships.

He has another regatta scheduled just 24 hours after the completion of his world record attempt.

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