Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Probe into tragic death at Clarevue out of the ministry’s hands

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Health Minister Molwyn Joseph

Health Minister Sir Molwyn Joseph has confirmed that a probe has been launched into the death of 29-year-old Jenning’s resident Lateefa George by the Coroner and it is now out of his purview.

The minister addressed the matter publicly during a news conference Tuesday morning. George died on October 31st this year. There has been widespread condemnation in some circles while family members are demanding answers.

“As minister, I have absolutely no authority in law or otherwise to become involved in this matter, the government itself does not have any authority. What has happened in this matter, the matter is now in the judiciary, not the administration. I will be irresponsible to immerse myself in this matter at this time,” Joseph told reporters.

 A report circulating in some circles of the media raises concerns over the how George was treated prior to her death. It claims she was lifted by her arms, without supporting her neck, potentially seriously injuring her. It also contains complaints by senior staff a the Clarevue Hospital, where she died, who say the facility is dysfunctional and is unpleasant to work.

The ministry also side-stepped those queries by reporters during Tuesday conference.

Meanwhile, Joseph had this to say to claims that the ministry has done nothing to assist the family or is attempting to cover up the matter.

“Why would you have a system in an government where the ministry who is responsible for the institution will be involved in the investigation. It does not seem to me that would be an appropriate thing because the coroner could even call the minister to assist if he deems it appropriate, “Joseph said.


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