Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Coast Guard says conditions at Devil’s Bridge made operation a challenge

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ABDF SAID: The ABDF Coast Guard (ABDF CG) responded to a report of two persons, a woman and a child who fell into the water at Devil’s Bridge.

The report was received at 0645hrs.

The ABDF CG subsequently deployed a vessel to the area. Willikies Police were also contacted.

Upon arrival on the scene, the sea conditions made it challenging for the Coast Guard vessel to get close to area.

At approximately 0802hrs (8:02 A.M) the body of a female was recovered from the water by members of the All Saints Fire Dept assisted by other police officers.

The second body was recovered at approx 0900hrs from the shoreline a distance away from the initial search area.

The body was discovered by a few villagers who were in the area.

The District doctor later pronounced the bodies dead at 0915hrs.

The police is currently investigating the incident.

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  1. Mae

    The district doctor reached quickly at the scene of the incident. That is what you call good service.


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