Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Massive Turnout at ABLP’s St John’s Rural West Primary

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All eyes are on the St. John’s Rural West constituency as the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party’s (ABLP) primary election draws near.

Scheduled for December 8, the event will determine the party’s candidate in the upcoming elections.

Five ambitious individuals, Shawn Benjamin, Russhell Ellis, Michael Joseph, Aziza Lake, and Kevin Morgan, are contending for the opportunity to represent the ABLP in the constituency.

The Multi-Purpose Cultural Centre, the primary election venue, is gearing up to accommodate the expected high voter turnout.

The enthusiasm and active participation of ABLP members in shaping the party’s future in St. John’s Rural West has been evident in the lead-up to the primary election.

As anticipation builds, the outcome of the primary election will undoubtedly set the tone for the upcoming elections and shape the political landscape of the St. John’s Rural West constituency.


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