Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Customs Brokers final court matter advances to High Court

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Rowan Matthew and Foston George

By Zaya Williams


The legal saga involving Customs brokers Rowan Matthew and Foston George has reached a significant juncture as the final court matter has been committed.

The two individuals have been entangled in a web of charges related to alleged fraudulent activities concerning the Customs and Excise Department.

Matthew and George find themselves implicated in about four cases of fraud, all progressing to the High Court on various dates throughout this year.

However, as those legal proceedings advanced, they were once again summoned to court to face new charges relating to three distinct incidents.

The recent accusations include charges of electronic forgery, cheating public revenue, and obtaining money by false pretense.

Similar to the previous cases, the allegations suggest that the individuals exploited duty-free concession codes from the government to circumvent tax payments and divert funds from their clients.

In the latest charges, it is alleged that they obtained nearly $83,000 in total, dating back to 2017.

This matter was formally committed in the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday and is set to proceed to the January 2024 assizes.


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