Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Sunshine Hub Still on The Government’s Mind

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During his address, the Governor General of Antigua and Barbuda, Sir Rodney Williams, highlighted the government’s plans for redevelopment, with a specific focus on addressing the challenges posed by an unused car park called The Sunshine Hub, located at the top of High Street.

Governor General Williams shared insights into the government’s inherited successes and failures, detailing the efforts to rectify existing issues and transform underutilized structures into valuable assets for the community.

The government acquired The Sunshine Hub, which was originally built over 15 years ago on the city’s green space, for a small fraction of its original cost.

However, despite successful attempts at fixing most of the inherited failures, The Sunshine Hub presented a unique set of challenges that the government aims to tackle in the near future.

Governor General Williams revealed that the Ministry of Works had enlisted engineers and experts to examine The Sunshine Hub, with the intention of making recommendations for its rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government had to divert its resources to more pressing needs, temporarily delaying its plans for transformation.

As the country’s revenues show signs of recovery, Governor General Williams conveyed the government’s commitment to revisiting The Sunshine Hub project.

The aim is to convert the unfinished structure into a more useful space for the community, aligned with broader efforts to enhance infrastructure and public amenities.

The Sunshine Hub car park emerges as a focal point in Antigua and Barbuda’s ambitious redevelopment plans, as outlined by Governor General Sir Rodney Williams.


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