Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

The UPP celebrates Sir Viv on National Heroes Day

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The United Progressive Party (UPP) has a tradition of saluting the Nation’s Heroes yearly and will celebrate Sir Vivian Richards, the only living hero.

The UPP said in a press statement that the celebration marks a form of respect for the Father of the Nation.

The Baldwin Spencer Administration selected the birthday of the Hon. V.C. Bird, Sr. as the day to honour all its heroes.

The UPP says it takes particular pleasure in acknowledging the latest tribute paid to Sir Viv this year.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s new $2 note bears his image, which was unveiled on December 1, 2023.

Sir Viv was awarded the Order of CARICOM last year, and his latest recognition is a testament to his outstanding achievements and contributions to the nation.

Sir Viv has elevated Antigua and Barbuda to the regional and international stages as an exemplar of not only sporting excellence but also of humility, dignity, service, and principle.

He has cast our country in a positive light throughout the Commonwealth and beyond. The UPP expresses its gratitude to Sir Viv on behalf of all patriotic nationals and citizens for his remarkable accomplishments.

Sir Viv is the pride of the Ovals Community, the Antigua Grammar School, the West Indies Cricket Team, and Antigua and Barbuda.

The UPP congratulates him on his success and wishes him a long and healthy life. Our children should follow his pursuit of excellence and integrity and aim to emulate him.

On this special occasion, the UPP reiterates its gratitude to all our national heroes and salutes them for their contributions to Antigua and Barbuda.


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