Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

2018 Labour Queen to represent Antigua and Barbuda in Miss OECS pageant

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Thyana Kai Sebastian

By Zya Williams 

Thyana Kai Sebastian of Green Bay is set to fly Antigua and Barbuda’s red, gold, blue, black and white flag high in the 2024 Miss OECS Pageant.

Born on February 24, 1997, Thyana’s educational journey commenced at Cobs Cross Primary School, where she displayed notable accomplishments. Her scholastic excellence continued at All Saints Secondary School, where she actively engaged in various activities, carrying the banner of her alma mater with pride.

A luminary in the realm of dance, Thyana embarked on her dance odyssey at the Antigua Dance Academy, specializing in Afro-Caribbean styles, Jazz, and Modern Contemporary genres.

In 2007, she co-founded The Elite Dancers Antigua with her sisters, assuming the role of Principal Dance Choreographer and leaving an affirmative impact through the enchanting art of dance.

Her aspirations extend beyond geographical boundaries, with dreams of traversing the globe, embracing diverse cultures, and enriching her understanding of the Performing Arts.

Thyana’s pageant journey began with a significant triumph in the Antigua Barbuda Labour Queen Pageant in 2018, and more recently, she participated in The Queen Of Carnival Competition 2023.

Dedicated to preserving cultural heritage through dance, Thyana contributes as a Dance Instructor within the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Creative Industries.

Her unwavering passion and commitment shine through, as she continues to weave her thread into the vibrant tapestry of our rich national heritage.

The pageant is set to take place on January 12.

Last year, Antigua and Barbuda took home the crown. The winner, Keriann Thomas took over from the reigning Queen Earlyca Frederick of Saint. Lucia.

The law enforcement officer won prizes for the majority of the segments namely Best in Creative National Wear, Best Creative National Wear, Best Swim Wear, Best in Swim Wear, Best Evening Gown and Best in Evening Gown.


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