Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Editorial Staff
3 months ago

Ambassador Sir Ramez Hadeed Officially Laid to Rest

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​Yesterday, Antigua and Barbuda bid farewell to a remarkable man, Ambassador Sir Ramez Hadeed.

He was a successful businessman and philanthropist, a loving family man, and a respected diplomat.

He significantly impacted the foreign relations of Antigua and Barbuda and the Hadeed Group of Companies, the business conglomerate he founded.

Many people who knew Sir Ramez personally, including politicians, foreign dignitaries, and those who benefited from his goodwill, gathered at the Holy Family Cathedral to remember his life.

His nephew Francis Hadeed spoke on behalf of the entire family and shared how he was a doting uncle who always showed kindness and generosity.

As the chairman of the Hadeed Group of Companies, Sir Ramez invested in various industries such as manufacturing, construction, garment production, finance, and automotive.

He was a respected businessman and his brother Aziz Hadeed delivered his eulogy, sharing what it was like growing up with him and how they shared mutual respect in their business operations.

Sir Ramez was recently honoured by the government with the Knight Grand Cross of the Most Distinguished Order of the Nation for his outstanding contribution in diplomacy and 40 years of community service and nation-building.

Tributes from the Governor General, the Prime Minister, the Opposition Leader’s Office, former Prime Minister, the US Embassy, and others spoke to the vast number of lives he touched.

In the final procession, Sir Ramez’ body was taken from the Holy Family Cathedral through St John’s to his final resting place at St John’s Public Cemetery. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.


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