Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Officer who allegedly shot at car with civilians charged, appears in court

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By Zaya Williams


A shooting incident has landed a police officer on the wrong side of the law.

Sergeant Karim Warner is now charged for allegedly discharging 12 rounds in a public place.

Reportedly, Warner, encountered difficulties when attempting to reclaim a vehicle he had leased to a man.

Reports state that the cop obtained GPS information for the vehicle, and tracked it to Willikies and confronted the occupants.

The man who rented the car and a female companion, reportedly declined to surrender the car.

Allegedly, tensions escalated, leading Warner to draw his weapon and fire 12 shots at the departing vehicle, hitting it with several bullets.

Despite initial claims of the matter being hushed up, the officer was arrested, charged, and later granted station bail.

Warner appeared in the All-Saints Magistrate’s Court, where he was placed on a bond of $7,000, requiring a $2,000 cash component.

Additional conditions include providing two sureties, surrendering his passport, and reporting to Police Headquarters three days a week.

He was also ordered to surrender his firearm but it was already confiscated after the incident.

His next court appearance is set for February 7.


  1. Mae-Mary

    Was this officer going off and smoking the wrong Bush??

  2. Mary-Ann

    He should also be charged for attempt murder.

  3. Anonymous

    The hypocrisy. A police reporting to police headquarters 3 times a week is like committing a crime but reporting to work 3 times a week. This is madness. To add insult and mockery, he is not charged for attempted murder.

    • Barack Obama

      Idiot. He has to report to ensure he hasn’t fled the country. It’s not report to pickup a fucking salary. Lmao. So something like every Tuesday Friday and Sunday


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