Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Antigua Sailing Week (ASW) starts on April 27

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The 55th edition of Antigua Sailing Week (ASW) is set to begin with the Peters & May Round Antigua Race (RAR) on April 27, followed by a week of thrilling races and enjoyable parties.
This event has always been a global affair, with sailors from 20 different nations participating in the previous year’s event.
This year, entries have already been registered from North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and the local boats. The number of entries has increased compared to the previous year, and the event organizers are excited to deliver some intense competition across various racing classes.
Antigua Sailing Week’s CSA Racing Classes provide a platform where local sailing legends compete against the best sailors from around the world. The event alternates between two courses, the Rendezvous Bay Course, which has flatter seas, and the Windward Course, which is less sheltered.
The event provides a wide range of conditions and different courses, but the constant factors are the solid trades and warm, clear water. According to the ASW Race Manager Jaime Torres, “CSA Racing already has a fantastic mixture of performance boats raced by teams from all over the world.
But for years, the most competitive Class has been the 40 to 45 footers, and this year is no different.”


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