Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Claudette Peters pays tribute to close friend Ricardo Drue

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Claudette ‘CP’ Peters and Ricardo Drue became close friends back in 2009. Peters, being an established Soca Diva, helped Drue carve his path into the local soca arena.

Peters shared that Drue used to join her on stage and also wrote songs for her. As a result, they grew together until Drue was able to establish himself as an independent artist.

Unfortunately, Drue passed away on December 12 due to a suspected heart attack. Peters expressed her grief over losing such a talented and lively individual who would have touched many lives.

Apart from his musical talent, Peters mentioned that Drue was someone who loved to laugh and play pranks.

Despite the pain of losing him, Peters was grateful to have known Drue and been a part of his life and the music fraternity.

A tribute event honoring Drue’s life and contributions will be held on December 19 at the Antigua Recreation Grounds, organized by the government and Festivals Commission.

The event will feature a candlelight vigil and performances by several artists paying tribute to their friend and colleague, including Peters.

She believes that the event is a fitting tribute to Drue, who always deemed his music as happy music, and his spirit and the happy place within his music will continue to live on.

Following Drue’s death, tributes poured in from across the region, with the government describing him as an emerging talent who commanded attention, applause, and appreciation throughout Antigua and Barbuda.

The Festivals Commission had previously enrolled him as a cultural ambassador


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