Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

PM Browne criticizes opposition’s absence during budget debate.

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During the conclusion of the 2024 budget debate in the lower house, Prime Minister Gaston Browne expressed his disappointment towards the opposition members who were absent.

He described their non-participation as “most irresponsible” and emphasized the significance of their presence in the democratic process.

The Prime Minister pointed out that both the government and opposition members received the necessary documentation and estimates simultaneously, allowing sufficient preparation time.

He claimed that the opposition’s absence from the debate was a cop-out and suggested that it might have been a deliberate move to avoid facing the government’s arguments head-on.

According to Prime Minister Browne, the opposition’s behavior could indicate their lack of capacity and readiness to engage in constructive debates.

He insinuated that their avoidance of the debate was a form of self-preservation to prevent undermining themselves in the public eye.

Browne also hinted at a possible connection between the opposition’s absence and an upcoming leadership contest within their ranks.

He suggested that the opposition may have sought to avoid public embarrassment before their electoral contest to select a leader.

Lastly, the Prime Minister urged the opposition to recognize the importance of their role in the parliamentary process and called on them to engage in constructive debates rather than resorting to alternative platforms to express their views.


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