Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Several Awarded at Medical Association’s Gala

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The Medical Association of Antigua and Barbuda Inc. (MAAB) concluded its week of Activities with a Gala and Awards Ceremony. Our Gala Awards Recognized Excellence, Dedication and Resilience among Doctors during the COVID-19 Pandemic and General Practice.

The following highlights the noteworthy recipients:

(Recipients of Awards 1 to 4 were as a result of a transparent voting process among our peers.)

  1. The Governor General Award for Outstanding Contribution & Service during the COVID-19 Pandemic
            Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas


  1. The Minister of Health Award for COVID-19 Pandemic Education and Awareness Courtney Lewis


  1. State Insurance Company Limited Award for Outstanding Leadership and Professionalism
         Dr. Alafea Stevens


  1. Total Imports Award for Outstanding Community Service

          Dr. Alafea Stevens


  1. Medical Executive Lifetime Achievement Award

          Dr. Marlene Joseph


  1. Total Imports Frontline Heroes Award (during the COVID-19 Pandemic)  Department of the Emergency Room of the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre  Physicians of 2020 and 2021
  1. Sagicor Award of Recognition – The COVID-19 Vaccine National Technical Work Group (NTWG)

Dr. Lester Simon

Dr. Rhonda Sealey-Thomas

Dr. Courtney Lewis

Dr. George Mansoor

Dr. Jason Belizaire

Dr. Shivon Belle-Jarvis

Dr. Alafea Stevens


  1. S Brydens COVID-19 Vaccine Champions Award-Private Sector

Dr. Jason Belizaire

Dr. Kezia Gardner

Dr. Edda Hadeed

Dr. Joycelyn Walter-Thomas

Dr. Arlene Sorhaindo



The Medical Association of Antigua and Barbuda Extends heartfelt congratulations to all deserving recipients.


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