Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

CIBC FCIB Christmas Caravan Spreads the Season of Goodwill

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CIBC FirstCaribbean has a long-standing tradition of spreading joy and cheer during the festive season, and they have once again continued this tradition with the fourth edition of their CIBC FCIB Christmas Caravan.

As a strong advocate of the spirit of giving and sharing, the bank is committed to supporting those in need, and this initiative is a testament to their commitment.

Ladesa James-Williams, the bank’s Country Head, expressed her delight, saying, “At Christmas time, we want to do as much as we can to help those in need, so that they can also experience the joy of the season.

Giving back to our communities is our duty, and while we do so in many tangible ways through sponsorships and donations throughout the year, we try to do more at Christmas.

This year, the Christmas Caravan will donate $32,500 to help those in need.”

At the beginning of the Caravan, the bank presented $5,000 each to the Friends of the Care Project and the Gard Centre, and $2,500 to Good Humans 268.

Furthermore, the bank delivered $5,000 worth of food products and household supplies to three families in need.

The Caravan, accompanied by members of staff, music, gifts, and cheques, then made its first stop at the Antigua & Barbuda Association of Persons with Disabilities, where it presented a $5,000 cheque.

The next stop was at the Pediatric Ward at the Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, where the bank made another $5,000 donation.

Finally, the Caravan stopped at the Soup Kitchen, where the bank presented $5,000 to support this essential service for the needy.

According to James-Williams, the Christmas Caravan initiative began in 2020 to ease the pressures brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was such a rewarding experience for everyone involved that they decided to continue this tradition.


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