Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Hospice receives large donation from Halo.

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Lady Williams, the Director of the Golden Halo Foundation and President of the Halo Foundation, recently showed her immense support towards the St. John Hospice and St. John Ambulance by presenting them with a remarkable donation amounting to almost $160,000.

This generous amount was raised from this year’s ‘Wings of Charity’ gala event, which takes place annually in London and is aimed at supporting various charitable organizations.

In a statement, Lady Williams emphasized the importance of contributing towards worthy causes and stressed the need to support existing charities that are already doing exceptional work instead of creating new ones.

She further added that the Halo Foundation will continue to make heightened efforts in 2024 to address the requests of those in need.

The St. John Hospice, one of the beneficiaries of the donation, aims to provide terminally ill patients with as much comfort as possible during their final days.

They also provide support to the family members of these patients, who often face tremendous stress while caring for their loved ones.

The organization’s ultimate goal is to ensure that both the patients and their families can deal with the situation in the best possible way.


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