Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

New gov’t complex on Factory Road to reduce $30M rental cost.

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Works Minister Maria Browne

Works Minister Maria Browne has announced a comprehensive plan to transform public buildings and the government vehicle fleet into sustainable and cost-efficient assets.

The plan includes the construction of a new government complex on Factory Road to cut down on the $30 million a year rental cost that the government currently incurs for public buildings.

Minister Browne emphasized the government’s commitment to fiscal responsibility by keeping new rentals and contracts at an all-time low.

She pointed out that the government spends approximately $30 million annually on rentals for public buildings, which necessitates a long-term solution to reduce expenditure.

The Works Minister introduced the concept of the “Government Building Park,” which will be situated at the corner of Factory Road and American Road.

The project is expected to begin later in 2024, after thorough consultations and renderings are completed, and extend into 2025.

The purpose of the Government Building Park is to provide safe and pleasing work environments for government staff across all ministries.

Minister Browne expressed concerns about existing issues such as mold, non-functional windows, tiles popping up, and poor air conditioning units in the current rented facilities.

The new initiative aims to eliminate these problems and create a conducive working atmosphere for government employees.

The government has committed to making these new government buildings environmentally friendly.

Minister Browne explained that the buildings would incorporate green technologies, including the use of solar panels for energy.

The minister also hinted at converting the government vehicle fleet into environmentally friendly vehicles (EFVs) over time, aligning with the broader commitment to sustainability.

“As we move forward, we will be making our vehicles green too. All new government vehicles will be converted into green vehicles, utilizing technologies like solar energy to reduce our carbon footprint,” Minister Browne stated.


  1. Anonymous

    Well finally, I’ve been saying this all along. Too much money in rent when they can build government complex. But they need to.upgrade the staff in customer service. Cleo

  2. Mae-Mary

    Copy from the article, “The Works Minister introduced the concept of the “Government Building Park,” which will be situated at the corner of Factory Road and American Road.” The location mentioned is where Harney Motors and Spencer workshop is located. The Works Minister needs to be more specific where actually the new government building complex will be constructed. I agree that the government of Antigua and Barbuda should have their own office building complex and get out of this high rental expenditure.


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