Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Thieves steal turkey and $24 from woman’s home

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​By Zaya Williams


In news that could make even Scrooge chuckle, a turkey was stolen from a woman’s home just hours after the government began distributing free hams and turkeys.

According to reports, a thief broke into a woman’s Ottos home sometime between 10 pm on December 18 and 4:30am the next day.

The victim’s holiday cheer took a nosedive when a sneaky someone reportedly swiped her poultry.

The bandit made off with a frozen turkey and $24 in cash.

The fowl felon allegedly reportedly executed the break-in by removing four panes of louvres.

Meanwhile, in a separate holiday heist saga, crooks ransacked a woman’s Swete’s home just days before the big day.

The individual made off with a Flat Screen TV, a bouquet of flowers, a microwave, salt shakers, some towels, and even some fish from the refrigerator

To add a dash of mystery, the reports hint that this particular intruder might have taken a page from Sherlock Holmes, suggesting that keys were the tools of choice to waltz into the unsuspecting home.

‘Tis the season for giving, but it seems these grinches missed the memo – opting for turkey thievery and household hijinks instead.


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