Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Workers are Switching to ABWU as Bargaining Agent

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ABWU General Secretary, Sen. David Massiah

Over the past few months, numerous employees across different sectors have chosen the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union (ABWU) as their legitimate representative for negotiations.

The ABWU General Secretary, Sen. David Massiah, believes that these developments illustrate the continued relevance and importance of unionism to the working population of Antigua and Barbuda.

Trade unions have a significant place in the history of the country and have played a crucial role in enhancing working conditions and introducing valuable benefits for employees.

Consequently, it is no surprise that many workers approach the ABWU for representation every year.

The Union is well-known for its unyielding commitment to defending the rights of workers and navigating challenging negotiations to secure collective agreements that are beneficial to employees while also being equitable to all parties involved, according to Massiah.

In June, Weatherills staff voted in favor of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union. The ABWU also secured the representation of employees at both The Garden Grill and Gather Steak House shortly thereafter.

In November, the Supervisory and Confidential Staff at the Mill Reef Club also joined the Union. Most recently, the ABWU has been engaged by line staff at Island Heights and the Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank.

The Union aims to expand its membership by at least 500 individuals over the next year. Currently, the ABWU represents more than 6500 workers across various industries, including transportation, utilities, telecommunications, hotels and restaurants, manufacturing and distribution, commercial and retail, banks and insurance, aviation and airline, and administrative and clerical work.


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