Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Opposition party criticised for boycotting budget debate

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By Aabigayle McIntosh

Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan is taking the opposition United Progressive Party to tasked for boycotting the debate on the national budget.

He said the party should have been prepared to present an argument to the public.

“Everybody in Parliament must have an idea of what the budget will consist of at least in general terms. But I am firmly of the view that opposition political parties ought to have a caucus meeting amongst themselves to come up with what they would put forward to the people of the country,” Astaphan said.

He also stated the UPP’s absence shows they are unfit to govern.

“If a political party’s members who are elected to the House are not prepared to discuss, to respond to a budget presentation in 24 hours or three days, then you not fit to govern. You must have a plan that you intend to put forward to the people of this country,” he said.

A former UPP MP has stated the party could have burned the midnight oil to put forward a rebuttal.

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  1. Jane

    If the UPP is unfit to govern, then the ABLP ain’t any better. Gaston and Cutie had planned that all along to drop the budget statement on the final day of business, a Friday, and give the opposition Saturday and Sunday to study the statement, then present their rebuttal debate on the Monday. Yes, they should have used the weekend to prepare for the Monday. To be prepare for a rebuttal debate you will have to do some research for additional information. How would the opposition members get those additional information if all government offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday?? It means that they would have to go into the parliament partially prepared to debate a national financial budget. The senators get enough time to prepare for their debate.


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