Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Goats go missing from farm in Bolans

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By Zaya Williams

As the Christmas season unfolds, a farmer in Bolans is facing a peculiar challenge as a group of goats vanished from his property.

The incident is believed to have transpired between 6 pm on December 20 and 6 am the following day.

According to reports, despite the goats being housed in a secure galvanized pen, the thief ingeniously cut the chain to gain access.

The stolen livestock includes two brown rams and two brown-and-white doe, each said to be valued at $250.00 EC.

In a separate incident in Jolly Harbour, just up the road, miscreants targeted a container, making off with four air conditioning units and various tools.

The theft allegedly occurred after the locks on the container were cut between 5 pm on December 20 and 10 am the next day.


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