Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

BIG Plans for Tourism…1,000 New Hotel Rooms by 2025

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Tourism Minister Charles Fernandez

Antigua and Barbuda’s Tourism Minister, Charles Max Fernandez, recently unveiled an ambitious plan to elevate the country’s tourism industry to unprecedented heights.

The plan involves the addition of 1,000 new hotel rooms by 2025, which will attract a whopping one billion US dollars in fresh investments.

During a parliamentary session, the minister provided a detailed breakdown of the substantial investments earmarked for several notable projects.

Among these, the Royalton Chic Jolly Beach expansion is set to enhance the luxury offerings in the region with a substantial investment of 30 million US dollars.

Additionally, the Royalton Chic project, with an investment of 100 million US dollars, is expected to contribute significantly to the tourism landscape.

Apart from these, several other noteworthy projects are in the pipeline, including the Hermitage Bay Hotel expansion, set to receive a 15 million US dollar investment, and the extravagant Nikki Beach resort with an impressive 250 million US dollar budget.

The Carlilse Bay expansion and the Maran Marot Yapton project, with a 100 million US dollar investment, further underscore the government’s commitment to boosting the nation’s tourism sector.

One of the investment portfolio highlights is the Rosewood Hotels, a well-established brand synonymous with luxury accommodations.

Though specific details about the Rosewood project were not disclosed in the minister’s address, its inclusion in the list of investments signals a significant addition to Antigua and Barbuda’s hospitality offerings.

The tourism minister expressed confidence that these strategic investments would not only elevate the nation’s profile as a premier travel destination but also create numerous job opportunities for the local population.

The influx of visitors, coupled with the allure of new and upgraded accommodations, is expected to stimulate economic growth and foster sustainable development in the twin-island nation.

With this ambitious plan in place, the future looks bright for Antigua and Barbuda’s tourism industry.

The government’s commitment to enhancing the country’s hospitality offerings and creating job opportunities for the local population is commendable.

It is hoped that all stakeholders will work together to ensure the successful implementation of these projects, fostering an environment that will make Antigua and Barbuda a global tourism hotspot.

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  1. Maeary

    When will we see the airport road lit up the night with street lights?? The UPP administration is the only and first government that lit up the airport road and other highways in Antigua. And Barbuda.


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