Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Editorial Staff
2 months ago

Jeff Bezos’ 500 million mega yacht arrives in Falmouth.

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The world’s largest sailing yacht, the Koru, has been spotted in Falmouth Harbour.

This magnificent vessel, owned by Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos, is a staggering 500-million-dollar masterpiece created by AYC.

It has achieved giga yacht status and is the largest yacht ever made by the company.

The Koru boasts an impressive length of over 400 feet, and stands apart from other mega yachts owned by billionaires, as it is powered by wind rather than diesel engines.

According to Oceanco, the Dutch company that finished building the boat earlier this year, the Koru’s deck space is adorned with three Jacuzzis and a swimming pool, while the interior boasts a “timeless, contemporary style” with natural wood tones, warm neutrals, and patterned textiles.

The yacht’s three-masted schooner also features a captivating mermaid sculpture on the bow, with a striking resemblance to Mr. Bezos’ partner, Lauren Sánchez.

In short, the Koru is a true marvel of engineering and design and a sight to behold for anyone lucky enough to see it.


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